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  • Who should join?
    • Hotels, Restaurants, Cruise Ship Lines, Camps and Parks with Lodging, Condos, Residential Health Care facilities, Convention & Visitor Bureaus, Local Lodging Assiciations, Meeting Planners, Utilities, Government and Vendors and Consultants that Service the Industry
  • Reasons to Join!
    • Learn how to save money by cutting your operating costs and make your property more economically sustainable.
    • Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint and make your property more environmentally sustainable.
    • Learn how to improve the health and safety of your employees, guests and the community in which you operate and make your property more socially sustainable
    • Be part of an organization dedicated to making the hospitality industry a leader in the sustainable movement.
  • Benefits!
    • Reduced cost for Annual Conferences
    • Reduced cost for regional media specific workshops designed to demonstrate how to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the facility sustainability.
    • Reduced cost for webinars
    • Reduced cost benefits when utilizing Affiliates’ products and services
    • A voice on key issues that effect this organization, such as the annual Green Hospitality Awards
    • Access to an on-line one-stop-shop for information and tools which can demonstrate how to reduce costs and save money (Under Development)
    • Listing of your organization on the website
    • Green Hospitality Forum
    • Participate in the Green Hospitality Challenge
    • Many More!
  • How to join! (Under Development)
  • Our Members (Under Development)